Furniture from solid wood or MDF?

Jan 20 2014

If you are already tired of looking at square and rectangular forms in your furniture, then this article is for you. We will pay some attention here on the materials, that the furniture is manufactured from nowadays. Currently the furniture market is flooded with furniture from MDF or chipboard with veneer or laminate. The  chipboard are boards made of pressed wooden particles glued with resin substances. In order for these boards to be more stable and diverse in regards to color and textures its two sides are being covered with either natural wooden veneer or laminate. MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. This product has become very usable in the furniture manufacturing because of its ability to replace solid wood and it is better than chipboard. The MDF boards are then "masked" with thin layer of wood called - natural veneer, or with laminate - artificial layer.

The veneer can be beech, cherry, oak, walnut and many others. And here the variety of colors is huge. These types of furniture are imitating the natural material - solid wood successfully. And since their price is very low they are a preferred replacement. The boards "masked" with laminate - the most widely spread furniture are the cheapest possibility - they are scratch resistant, they feel is a bit plastic. Their disadvantage is that they do not look as warm as solid wood and their colors look more like plastic that like wood.

The second more expensive possibility is furniture from solid wood. Their life expectancy is the longest, they will input a lot of warmth in your home and their beauty is unrivaled. Their other advantage is that curved elements can only be produced from solid wood and impossible from chipboard or MDF. A lot of carved elements can be attached to the furniture from solid wood - which add to their beauty. The solid wood furniture are sensitive to humidity fluctuations and mechanical actions.Therefore the timber is carefully dried and processed in order to be protected. The solid wood is then processed with a lot of chemicals, including antiseptics and is sprayed with many layers of stain. This way the processed wood reserves its durability and beauty throughout the years.